Friday, July 08, 2011

Into the Baltic

Well, we are in the Baltic. Even better, we are at the British Kiel Yacht Club, traditional first port of call for all British yachts after leaving the Ost-Zee-Kanal.

We started the day with lots of rain, and didn't leave Rendsburg until it eased a bit, around 10.30am. The canal was quiet, with modest levels of both shipping and yachts, and eventually the rain stopped and the sun came out.

Even better, when we reached Holtenau we were able to go straight into the lock, and pay our canal dues, a whopping €12. The water in the lock was suddenly quite clear, the sky and the Baltic were both blue, and we popped out into the Kieler Förde for the one-mile voyage here.

Our first attempt at mooring was in a vast box where it took all our lines tied together to reach the posts. The second was better, although the posts were said to be exactly 3.5 metres apart (our beam) we fitted quite easily. Then the engine refused to stop because the cut-off mechanism failed. While Sam and Ben worked on this, and also hauled Ben up the mast to fix the courtesy flag halyard, Camilla jogged (almost) into Friedrichsort 20 minutes' walk away to find the Lidl, jogged back, and rewarded herself with our first Baltic swim.

From here we plan a short venture north to the Schlei, said to be a lovely, sheltered inlet, before heading east towards Rügen in eastern Germany.

Miles covered today: 20.


Sagae said...

Interesting that I should stumble onto your blog today. My husband and crew were also in Rendsburg yesterday evening (on their way south).

I was sitting here googling to try and find out som first hand info on depths in Reitdiep as all the guides we have are conflicting.

I am flying to Bremen on Monday to sail on.

Last year we did the Rugen area and the Polish coast all the way to Gdansk.

Thanks for interesting reading on your blog.

Jane, Norway

Camilla said...

So glad it's useful!