Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Off again

Well, it's time for the summer holidays and some serious indecision about where and when to sail. I have wangled a five-week gap between contracts but we don't want to spend all that time away.

The current plan is to head off tomorrow, taking the more southerly of the main routes across the North Sea via Long Sand Head and the West Hinder. This gives us the option of heading into Oostende, Zeebrugge or Breskens via a deep-water route. Probably we'll head to Breskens because we have a yearning for Breskens mussels, having missed out last year, but we'll see how it goes. If all else fails this route also allows us to duck south into Ramsgate.

Last year we managed to avoid the new Sunk circulatory system by heading north up the Sledway, so this will be our first experience of it apart from those scarey magenta-shaded bits on the chart. I don't know if people actually follow the recommended dog-leg route or not. However on the upside we also miss the Greater Gabbard wind farm, which was only just started last year and is probably much bigger now. Hmmm, better get some up to date info in case we want to come back that way.

There are patches of Force 5 and possibly even Force 6 around but I hope we'll manage to miss anything strong, or at least do them with the wind behind us.

Guy has completed his Flying Fish training and an extended R&R period at home, including a brief starring role in Henry V at Eye Castle. We now need to persuade him to go and do something, somewhere on a boat. Tall Ships volunteering in Hull or Professional Yacht Deliveries from the Great Lakes to Chesapeake look like the best options at the moment. Not sure if we can sort all that out before we go down to the boat this evening though....

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