Friday, July 31, 2009

Waiting for the convoy

OK, this is a bit weird. We're moored up on a canal in central Amsterdam, rafted three deep, and waiting for the night convoy to start sometime after 1am. There are about 50 possible wireless connection of which only one is insecure, and here I am.

The first bridge is the key one, a massive rail bridge with six counterweights. I can't believe it opens. On the Broads the rail bridges sometimes get stuck and don't open for days. That would never happen in the Netherlands.

Thank goodness it's a beautiful night, warm, very little wind and pretty pleasant. The only thing to worry about now is what happens at the other end - where do we go at 4am on the Nieuwe Meer? There are loads of marinas, most just about deep enogh for us, but how do we find them in the dark? Or given that the Nieuwe Meer is just before Schipol, will the glow in the sky be enough to see by?

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