Friday, July 10, 2009

Another window passes by...

Between the Scandinavian depression heading off to the east, and the depression forming somewhere off Ireland, Saturday might be quite a nice day with perfectly sensible winds up until late morning on Sunday. So if we left on the 2am tide tonight (i.e. Saturday morning) everything might be fine. On Sunday it's due to be F6 again, and of course it might arrive early.

Also, the waves - following yesterday's wind, there's currently about 2m waves in the southern N Sea, which has the potential to be extremely uncomfortable.

Anyway we are chickening out again and waiting to see what Monday brings. But we will go for a day sail tomorrow. Then perhaps Sam and Ben might really believe we are going, and start packing - so far I'm the only one who has put a few things in a heap, and even my heap isn't that convincing.

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