Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A few pictures

The Saone at its most gorgeous - early morning mist rising from the water. Just after I took this we went aground

Moored to the quay in Lyon...

... and leaving very suddenly

An old steamship abandoned in Valence

The famous Pont St Benezet at Avignon, in the early morning light


Anonymous said...

The 'steam ship' at Valence is, I'm fairly sure, one of the steam-tugs introduced to replace horse and human -power to pull vessels up the Rhone. Had quite an impact in their day (100 years ago?). Maybe it's the last one left?

Camilla said...

Thanks, Grehan. There is a display board beside the ship which seems to indicate that it used cable in some way I couldn't quite follow (my French isn't good enough).