Friday, March 28, 2008

Wind gone

After five days of constant wind we woke this morning to peace – that is to say, less noise from the surrounding rigging, wind generators, hollow masts etc, but the sound of building, passing buses and trains is suddenly much more audible. I woke up early and worried about whether we should be hurrying to bend on the foresail during the lull, but in fact it’s now 2pm and still lulling.

Anyway the sail is now raised and furled (we took it down in early September to reduce wear and tear), the mainsheet is rigged, and Sam has changed the coolant and run up the engine. So we are ready for a sail, except there is absolutely no wind at all. The engine generates hot water which makes washing up a bit easier!

I also managed to get a (shaky) internet connection for the first time, checked a few emails and uploaded a blog entry or two. Perhaps the wind had been blowing the wireless waves in the wrong direction.

Yesterday we went to the mega-enormous hypermarket, Alcampo, at Santa Adria. It really is much too big, it’s so easy to miss an entire section and never get bread, or meat, or whatever. It’s about a 20-minute walk along the coast road to get there and we got the little bus back, so really a very painless way to get €100 of shopping. We even looked at bicycles for the canals (the towpaths, not the water), but didn’t buy one.

me on the beach at Barceloneta; Port Olimpico and copper fish behind

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