Saturday, February 23, 2008

Our route - 2008, revised

This is the revised route through the French canals:

Still subject to confirmation and possible argument. We have to confirm that Calais is our end destination before we leave Port St Louis, as our mast will be shipped to the destination port separately. It would have been possible to take the mast down and lay it on the deck, but because it's quite tall we'd have a fair bit of overhang at the front and back of the boat. It only takes one lock where the end of the mast gets stuck in something... and the water is rising... to cost considerably more than the price of shipping the mast by truck (about £800).

We now expect to bypass Paris and to finish at Calais instead of at St Valery sur Somme - the latter rather regretfully, as we keep hoping to get to St Valery, but transport home (for us) is so much easier from Calais, if we have to leave the boat there.

See our 2007 and 2006 routes.

For archive purposes, here is the original plan:

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