Saturday, November 03, 2007

Pictures on Facebook

I've managed to get the picture uploader working on Facebook (by reinstalling Java) and created an entire album of pictures of Kalessin - you can also get to it from the link to the right. It's a very quick way to upload and label pictures but a bit of a self-indulgence - I don't expect anyone but me would want to look at 60 pictures of one boat! Even better, next time I get a few minutes I'll upload volume 2.

To check locations I've been referring to Ben's log from last year (the ship's log is still on board). It's lovely to see his perspective. Sample entry from 9 August 2006: "In the evening my parents invited a couple from an English boat to come over for drinks. This was at about 6 o'clock. After a lot of drinks the couple finally left at ten o'clock, leaving me feeling rather hungry with two slightly drunk parents." That was Paul & Val from Intemperance - glad we started out as we meant to go on...

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