Sunday, August 19, 2007

More pictures from Menorca

A typical inhabitant of the Sunseeker berth in Mahon, Menorca. Owners don't like mentioning fuel costs, but we heard about one who spent £7000 on diesel during one holidayKalessin anchored outside Mahon, viewed from the fort at La Mola. We were here for three nights. Looks busy, but this was mid-afternoon - there were twice as many overnight!

Boys and their toys - Sam & Ben fire the smaller Vickers from the fort at La Mola

Ciudadela - boats, boats everywhere and not a single visitors' mooring. You can't see the swell coming in but it was already starting at this point


david said...

This blog continues to be a source of great interest, useful facts and enjoyment!

Mention of Colonia de San Pedro brings back happy memories. My parents had a small holiday flat in the next village up on the ill (Belhem / Betlem) and we went many times for summer holidays with our children. In those days it was a sleepy place and I can't remember a marina, There was plenty of tacky (Dracx etc) even 25 years ago, but lots of unspoilt (San Pedro, Arta) too.

Enjoy the rest of your trip and I hope it stops raining soon!

Camilla said...

Thanks for the kind words, David. The marina at Colonia de San Pedro is fairly new, which is one reason why were able to find a space there, I suspect!

It's now in a protected area, so the mountains behind probably haven't changed too much from what you remember. I would say outside August it's probably still extremely sleepy.

It has now stopped raining, and the sun is out but still pleasantly cool.