Sunday, August 26, 2007

Bon aire, mauvais waves

After a moderately breezy night we headed over towards Bonaire this morning with the intention of anchoring for lunch in a cala (bay) en route. The wind was fine, around force 3-4 from the north or north-east, but the sea was full of quite big bumps - 1 to 1.5 metre waves. The crew retired below to lie down, but because of the spray as we crashed through the waves, all the hatches were shut and it was very airless below.

Naturally as the cala we had in mind is the only one sheltered from the north-east around here, and it's Sunday, it was totally full of anchored boats when we arrived. Anchoring further out would have meant being in 15m depth and in the swell, so we gave it a miss and came on to Bonaire. This is where we started and where Kalessin spent a month out of the water in July.

It is very hot here. We're still on the reception pontoon as Tony, the main man in Bonaire, is at lunch. Still at least there is a really good internet connection which was the main point of coming over here rather than setting off to Barcelona from Colonia de san Pedro. Plus we can have another meal at the Cocodrilo restaurant.

Every forecast I can get hold of says the wind will drop during the day and we should get a force three to four on the beam - perfect for our crossing tomorrow. I do hope so. I don't think the crew could cope with 24 hours of today's bumps.

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