Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy new year

It's 2007 - does that mean it's time to start thinking seriously about what we do and where we go this year?

I was very struck by a piece by our old friend Cathy Brown on the website she edits at Cathy said that she & Richard had decided not to keep their boat abroad because - among other things - the travelling she hates most is flying from airports, and if your yacht in in the Med that's the only way to get there. Quite right, and also it's a shock to find that easyJet is of course not as cheap as you'd like it to be on the dates you actually want to fly.

We thought a lot about Kalessin over the Christmas and new year period. I think we all miss having a place to escape to - although of course I escape from here to Hampstead at the moment, as that's where I'm living for the commute to Windsor - but it doesn't really feel like an escape. In fact I've been dreaming about being in prison, is that Freudian or what?

InterContinental Hotels is interesting but looks like being totally immersing during January - with the intranet launch due on 26 January. So I'll be giving more thought to information architecture than navigation planning over the next month.

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