Monday, October 02, 2006

Thank you

Just a brief entry today, from the marina at Albufeira. We came here on holiday 15 years ago - we managed to find the hotel where we stayed, but don't recognise anything else about the place at all!

I just wanted to thank everyone who has commented on the blog or responded to our latest email - I never knew so many of you were reading it and I'm so touched that many of you have found it worth reading or even inspirational! Special thanks to David from Pin Mill whom I've never met but who took the trouble to post a really nice comment, congratulations to Andy on buying a boat and God bless all the rest of you.

The weather is lovely down here and the sailing is great. On Saturday night we got together with the crew of Khepri and Moondance for a fantastic beach barbecue in Alvor, which is a sandy creek just around the corner from Lagos. We sailed there extremely slowly and Ben caught six mackerel - it was a pity Declan's barbecue turned out to be fairly useless, but we managed to cook the fish before it gave out, and Ben then lit a superb fire which were able to use for the rest of the cooking. A wonderful, memorable (and warm) night and it's just a pity that most of the sand from the beach had to come back with us to Kalessin...

Now we're pootling down towards Faro in delightfully short hops (20 miles or less) - I think it has been worth all the effort to get here!

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