Friday, October 27, 2006

Barbecue memories

One of the best nights on the trip was the barbecue at Alvor - which we sadly couldn't photograph because the little camera was out of action and I didn't want to fill the big camera full of sand. Luckily, I've just found this on Moondance's blog:

That's Ben rear right, looking after his fire!

Also this one:

Ben bodysurfing in Lagos. - sigh....

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Rob said...

Mrs Herrmann (as shown on NU system)!! Was going through some emails and came across the link you sent us before you left all those years ago - no it just feels like years as you blogged, perception of time does become difficult as everyday seems the same when your an NU battery hen. Lovely to see what a fantastic time you've been having (said through my teeth) I is green with envy. Keep blogging not a total waste of time as you bring an element of Mediterranean joy to my dull and tedious days.

Best wishes your ole pal Rob