Thursday, September 07, 2006

The longest stay

We are finally all set to leave Vilagarcia after a whopping eight nights here. Yesterday was a red-letter day - not only did the autopilot finally arrive from the UK, but Sam went by taxi to a VHF specialist, bought a new aerial and I winched him up the mast so he could fit it! Very hard work, as he weighs several times as much as Ben...

It has been staggeringly hot here, reaching a peak of 35 degrees on Tuesday, so in some ways we were quite glad not to be sailing. Now it´s very misty with almost no wind. We´ll take a couple of days to get to Baiona and then set off on the long hack down the Portuguese coast. Having lost time here we may end up in the Algarve rather than Seville - but we´ll see.

We were all set to be rather rude about the marina here, but Maria was so helpful over the VHF aerial we are changing our view. We are very glad to be out before club night at the weekend, though.

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