Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Windy Camariñas

Apologies to you all - the text below duplicates the email I´ve just sent round. I´m on a coin-in-the-slot internet connection with a limited number of coins so I´m running out of time!

Hope to have time to add some pictures on the next update...

We are currently about 20 miles north of Cabo Finisterre, or "the end of the earth" as it was christened when the Romans got here. It´s very windy around here - the wind routinely whips up to a Force 6 or so in the afternoon and any windy patches in the Atlantic just clip this corner of Spain. Fortunately the mornings are quieter. We´re in Camariñas which is a small Spanish town with fairly average facilities - however I dragged Ben and Sam off on a walk this morning (along the memorably named Costa da Morte, or Coast of Death) and we found not only spectacular views but a stunningly beautiful, almost deserted beach. Sadly the water here is almost as cold as Herm in the Channel Islands! but Ben and I both swam briefly.

We spent almost a week in La Coruña which is a great city - see the blog for more. From here we head into the Rias Bajas which are said to offer some of the best cruising in Spain. We will continue to keep you up to date as we go.

Observation: Spanish keyboards are much easier to use than French ones except that you keep putting ñ into everything! This keyboard has a failed "e" though - you have to hit it hard...

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