Friday, July 07, 2006

Up the rivers of Brittany

I have a long update and several pictures ready to post on my USB memory stick - but sadly, I can't use it from the Treguier Tourist Office PC where I am at the moment. So this is a brief update to say we made it from St Peter Port to Sark, thence uneventfully to Lezardrieux, and rather bumpily and slowly round the long corner (25 miles) to Treguier.

The rivers are lovely, wooded hills sloping to the water, and very sheltered. Lezardrieux was especially peaceful, Treguier a bit busier, and we had a wonderful seafood lunch here today.

From here we head to Ploumanac'h and Trebeurden, departing around 5.30am tomorrow - after our last trip we now know you must get the tide right along the coast, whatever it does in the rivers!


Tim Brook said...

Just had to log back in especially to ask "What seafood?"

Camilla said...

Crab for me - pictured above - grilled mackerel for Guy, prawns for Ben and of course mussels for Sam.