Friday, June 16, 2006

A slight list to starboard

Most of what we need is now on board - phew! We went to get diesel and when I looked at Kalessin after we came back, she does seem to have a slight list to starboard (that is, she is leaning over to the right-hand side). This is a common problem with Storms, possibly because the cockpit locker and the diesel tank are on the starboard side. At the moment our cockpit locker contains two anchors - a 35lb Delta, and a much lighter Fortress - with chain attached; a 25-litre can of diesel; hundreds of metres of rope; petrol for the outboard; the liferaft; oars for the dinghy; several buckets; and lots more.

The port (left) side already holds quite a bit of ballast, as we discovered last summer when we dug to the bottom of the under-bunk locker. It also contains dozens of can of food - in fact all the food I loaded today was on the port side. Guy's bag, Sam's bag and Ben's bag are all on the port side (mine is in the middle). The fridge, containing quite a lot of beer (and water and Fanta of course) is also on the port side.

As long as Sam stays on the port side at all times, we shouldn't have a problem...

It is amazing what you can stow if you have a bit of time to think about it. I arrived at the boat this morning with 10 Tesco bags of food, four large bags of clothes, and three boxes of various bits and pieces, and by the end of the day there were still a few empty lockers, and space under the aft cabin bunk. I'm sure we'll manage to fill them tomorrow.

The weather for Sunday looks more promising - hot, and mainly sea breezes which might push the wind around to the east a bit.


Margaret said...

Camilla, you will of course be writing a book about all of this, on your return...??

Have fun!

Anonymous said...


You've very quiet! I assume you are slogging to windward as best you can. After all the racing around to get ready it must be frustrating to have a contrary wind. Never mind, it will get better and you have lots of time.
Sitting here in Rouen Road and beavering away makes me quite green with envy. Love Chris