Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Tales of Tiare

Many of you will know that I sing with a small a capella group, Rough at the Edges. My friend and co-singer Sally has been keeping me up to date with the adventures of her brother, Ben, and his wife, Emma. They have bought a 41ft yawl - Tiare, built in 1959 - in Hawaii and flew out there earlier this year to get her ready and set off on a voyage to Samoa. Their first leg - I just checked it on my PC Planner software - is to Palmyra Atoll, about 900 miles. Our first leg, to Ramsgate, is about 52 miles. Clearly we are not having an adventure at all.

They finally set off on 10 May but had to turn back within three days because Em was terminally, appallingly seasick. On their way back, against the tradewind, their wind vane steering sheered and then their engine suffered a serious decline. They are now back on a different island, determined to press on.

This evening I've been reading about their adventures at some length on Tiare's website. I am filled with admiration for their adventure and their courage, but also with a certain small feeling of smugness that at least we know we can sail Kalessin as far as Fecamp, because we have been there before. Also of course we are very old - our total crew age is 145. Ben and Emma probably total barely sixtysomething. That must be why we are so timid and hesitant...

In spite of the difference I recognise so many of the things they are going through. My favourite so far is the quote from one of their neighbours in a marina, who told them that B.O.A.T stands for "Break Out Another Thousand".

Footnote: I have read today (25 May) that Ben & Emma plan to come back to the UK and ship Tiare to Europe. My heart goes out to them.

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ben, emma and tiare said...

Hello Camilla!

It is Ben and Em here from Tiare in Hawaii. Sally sent us your link, and I must say that your words are really lovely - it is strange to think of people we don't know following our trip!

We are resigned now to our return home, and look forward to next year when we will join you in the Med.

Good luck to you on your travels- remember that every mile sailed is an adventure, no matter how many you aim to cover, or in how long.

We look forward to reading your adventures ourselves.

Thanks again

BenanEm xxxxxxx