Monday, May 22, 2006

One of those days

It's not a good day today.
  • The weather is awful, which doesn't help, and it looks like being cold, wet and very windy all week - including Wednesday when we were planning to take Kalessin out for a sea trial.
  • I have just discovered that Guy has GCSE exams every day this week except Monday, and not just on Tuesday, which is what he told me - just as well that I checked.
  • Having spent numerous hours of my time listing Sam's 215 motoring books, which we were hoping to sell to a specialist Norfolk bookseller, he has come back to me with a very nice but apologetic email saying most of the books are of such low value he can't take them, and he can't find anyone else who is interested either.
  • I nearly bought a windsurfer yesterday on eBay and someone outbid me in the last five seconds of the auction. Not quite sure if we really want a windsurfer (two in fact) but it looked like a good deal.
There are some things on the good side:
  • The new Delta anchor has arrived by courier this morning and looks immaculate - thanks again, Adrian.
  • Lindsey ran the engine for 45 minutes on Sunday morning without problems, hooray!
  • Sam has nearly finished fitting the extra tap in the galley - we just need to connect it to the forward water tank. Unfortunately the first hole he drilled for the tap fouled the batten which holds the sink in place, so now we have a nice extra hole - Sam suggested we could put a vase of flowers in it.
  • Yesterday (Sunday) I took off the old windlass, refitted the cleaned dodgers, and mended the tears in the sides of the aft bunk cushions.
  • On Saturday we bought some fascinatingly useless stuff at the Ipswich Boat Jumble, including the Admiralty tidal atlas of the English Channel for 50p (price new £8) and Norie's Nautical Tables for £2 (price new £18) - now all I have to do is dig out the sextant and acquire a current nautical almanac - not sure if Reeds has the right info or not!
  • Last week I managed to book three return flights from Seville in October with Ryanair at 49 euro cents each. With all the charges in place, that's about £38 for three of us, which is not bad going even if we spend an extra £100 on overweight luggage.
    Mind you, at the current rate, I'm not at all sure if we will ever make it to Seville...
I must go and do something cheering, if only I could think of something. Still, writing this all down does help, so thanks for reading.

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