Friday, May 19, 2006

Blown away

The work on the engine should be finished by the weekend which means we can finally move Kalessin out of her expensive marina berth and on to the Pin Mill mooring.

But will we want to? We're currently getting force 7s and 8s with another depression coming through on Sunday and even stronger winds forecast. Pin Mill is pretty sheltered but not quite as safe as a nice, expensive marina... Anyway we plan to go to the Ipswich boat jumble tomorrow to pick up some last-minute bargains. Trouble is, with the forecast as it is most of the East Coast will be there - unless the promised rain keeps them away?

I've just been reading about Dee Caffari crossing the finishing line after her wrong-way circumnavigation in Aviva. Hooray for women sailors, and to my former employer for sponsoring her. However, Richard Harvey (Aviva's CEO) must be a bit miffed that she seems to have lost a crucial "A" from the boat name... so some of the best published pictures have a huge brand reference to AVIV. (Although strangely the BBC item seems to have restored the missing letter!)

Very disturbing to read about the chap lost overboard from one of the Volvo ocean race yachts in five-metre seas in mid-Atlantic - they got him out of the sea quite quickly, but couldn't revive him. On second thoughts, perhaps we should stay here in this nice safe house?

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