Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Guy has a job

Guy, aged 16Guy has been offered the voluntary post of summer centre instructor at the Fellowship Afloat Charitable Trust, down in Tollesbury, Essex. Hooray! We're very proud of him.

This means he can get away from sailing with us... in order to go sailing. Still, Wayfarers and Lasers on the Blackwater is a bit different from Atlantic Spain. He'll be there for three weeks or so in August.

The main reason he is coming back to the UK at the end of July is to go to his girlfriend's parents' wedding. Yes, umpteen years on they have decided to get married. This seems to run in the family, as last weekend Guy went to a party for his girlfriend's father's ex-wife - and she got married at the party. I asked if she and her new husband went on a honeymoon, and Guy said "No, but they did get very drunk."

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