Friday, May 19, 2006

Time running out

Departure date seems to be zooming closer with gathering speed and there remains a rather worrying list of "things still to do" aboard the boat. We were hoping to to be swinging to a free mooring off Pin Mill at this time. Instead we are still shelling out visitor rate for our old berth in SYH. Engine work is still not complete, although we had a good session on the pipework on Wednesday and a number of potential disasters have been averted. Lindsay spent a lot of time doing the plumber's cry of "who put this in?" I don't know who it was, but Mickey Mouse must be prime suspect. Maybe OK for a quick shuttle to the Deben and perhaps to Holland but certainly not Biscay standard. Because of this, it now seems unlikely that we will be in a position to run up the motor until next Wednesday earliest. Holding tank is due to be shipped early next week -- let's hope that it slips into place with minimum hassle ( hope springs eternal). The windlass has arrived . Technically a two hour job to fit, but if previous jobs are any guide we may have it running by next Pentecost. On the plus side, the weather is rubbish and looks set to remain so until late next week, making life on a Pin Mill swinger rather less attractive! Camilla is hoping for a sea trial on her birthday.

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