Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Glassfibre in the rain

Turbulent Bank Holiday weather caused big delays on making further progress in getting the boat ready. I have long since cut back on my achievement targets for the reasons described in previous posts. The target this time was to fit the new windlass and to attach the tiller extension. On paper quite feasible, in practice with work interspersed by 45 knot squalls and heavy rain, impossible. However, there was some progress. All the old windlass fixings have been removed and the holes glassed. Technically this should leave the actual installation of the new windlass as an easy and quick job, but as we know there is no such animal in boat terms. The tiller extension could have been a finished job, had I not put down a crucial pin in a safe place and been unable to find it. The replacement costs nearly eight pounds with six pound postage. This thing is about the size of a two inch nail!

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